Carolina Alpaca Celebration 2017

 Fleece/Cottage Fleece Show Guidelines

Judge: Wini Labrecque

Superintendent: Mary Martinez-Rigo


Thank you in advance for your interest and participation in the 2017 Carolina Alpaca Celebration Fleece Show.

The following requirements for fleece show entries are provided in accordance with AOA Standards:

Fleece entries being judged at the Carolina Alpaca Celebration 2017 must have been shorn after February 5, 2016.  A fleece is qualified to be shown up to  380 days after it is shorn from an alpaca.

Eligible Juvenile fleeces must have 183 days or 6 months of growth.  Calculate this by using the alpaca’s birth date and shearing date.  The fleece must have 183 days growth prior to shearing.  Additionally, a birth date prior to August 20, 2016 is required for entry age qualification.

If the Juvenile fleece being presented for judging is the First shearing and the cria was not tipped or shorn after birth, then the cria’s birthdate is entered as the previous shear date.

Fiber Length Huacaya:

  • No maximum length if entry is under first birthday.
  • A Maximum of eight inches for first birthday and older entries.
  • There is a Minimum three inches of length requirement for entire fleece presented.

Fiber Length Suri:

  • No maximum length if entry is under second birthday.
  • A maximum of nine inches for second birthday and older.
  • There is a Minimum three inches of length requirement for entire fleece presented.

AOA Show Division Membership is not required to enter this show.  An $80.00 non-member fee will be added to your registration if you are not a member.

For a complete set of rules, please refer to the AOA Show System Handbook located on the AOA Website under the tab Alpaca Shows selected from the menu on the left hand side.

Registration Guidance:

– is the website for Fleece Show and Halter Show Registration.  Create an account or sign in to existing account.

Select Carolina Alpaca Celebration.  Upon registering your alpacas:

  • Print a copy of the fleece tag for each entry.
  • Print your completed registration.
  • Print and sign the Fleece Show Exhibitor Disclosure Form for Judge Wini Labrecque. If you co-own an entry and would like both owners listed include signed disclosure forms for all owners.  Pay special attention to the disclosure form and check the two appropriate boxes.
  • Print an AOA original registry certificate copy for each fleece entered. Kindly ensure that you copy an AOA Original Certificate and not an AOA website “Certificate Copy”.
  • If your name or farm name is not listed on the certificate, kindly include an Owner of Record Show Entry Form.
  • Place the fleece tag in the respective fleece bag. Place the fleece CUT SIDE OUT in a 1ml or less clear plastic bag of approximately 30 gallons.
  • Mail your fleece entry and paperwork to:

Mary Martinez-Rigo
PO Box 855
Scottsville, VA  24590

Fed Ex delivers to Post Offices

  • If you will be checking your Fleece Show Entry in at the venue in North Carolina scanned email paperwork can be transmitted to:

Exhibitors have the option during registration to select “Fleece Mail Back” on the registration site.  You may prepay and have your fleeces mailed back to you after the Carolina Alpaca Celebration.

Thank you in advance for submitting your paperwork and entries in a timely manner.  Please take note that registration is not complete until paperwork and entries are received.  February 1, 2017 is the deadline for mail-in entries. Fleece may be dropped off at show with Friday the best day to do this.

Show Ribbon Categories and Special Awards

Color Class Championships (minimum requirements)

Judges Choice

Best Prepared, Best Crimp, Best Hand, Best Brightness – Huacaya

Best Luster – Suri

Best Lock Formation – Suri

Spirit of the Fiber Industry



 Promote your farm and breeding program by participating in The Cottage Fleece Competition.  The emphasis is on fiber production and quality.

2 oz. fleece sample is submitted to the spin off portion of the competition.  Please refer to information in Spin Off Guidelines.

Prepare (skirt) the remainder of the same fleece.   Submit it to the Fleece Show Superintendent;  by mail or drop off during Fleece Show check-in.

Spin-Off sample is processed and scored.  That total score is factored in the Cottage Fleece Scorecard.  The remaining fleece is evaluated and Judged by a Certified AOA Judge as follows:


Spinning Score (25)

Fineness and Handle (20)

Absence of guard hair (10)

Brightness (10)

Uniformity of micron (10), Uniformity of length (5)

Secondary/Primary (S/P) micron range (5)

Absence of impurities/stain/fleece damage (5)

Uniformity of crimp expression with its style (5)

Annualized fleece weight (5)

SURI Points

Spinning Score (25)

Fineness and Handle (20)

Absence of guard hair (5)

Luster (20)

Uniformity of micron (10), Uniformity of length (5)

Absence of impurities/stain/fleece damage (5)

Uniformity of lock expression with its style (5)

Annualized fleece weight (5)

ANY spin off entry can be eligible for the Cottage Fleece show by providing the remainder of your alpaca’s skirted fleece for the competition.  The total score does not rely heavily on the weight of the fleece.  Greater emphasis is placed on Quality.


Cottage Fleece Competition is an excellent venue for the lighter weight fleeces yet to be recognized, evaluated and valued in your fiber production.