Novice Small Breeder classes are intended to encourage new or novice breeders to show their alpacas with other similarly sized farms.  These classes are meant to foster and further the education or novice and/or small breeders through class placements and Judge comments.  A farm qualifies to enter the Novice Small Breeder category when it has no more than 20 AOA registered females at the time of registration for that show and has owned alpacas for 10 years or less. 

  • NSB classes shall be held in each breed, gender, age and color as in the regular halter classes at the show.
  • A qualifying NSB farm can register in either the NSB category or in the regular halter category,  but not in both, and entry into a category shall be consistent for all its entries.
  • Co-owned alpacas must be entered in the regular halter category if the co-owner is not a Novice Small Breeder.
  • The NSB or regular category of a farm cannot be changed once the show program and class listing is printed.
  • Entries in NSB and regular halter shall be split into color designations only if every color  designation within that Color Group has a minimum of four entries.
  • The minimum of ten Huacayas and eight Suris to hold a Color Championship in each Color Group shall be the combined total of alpacas in NSB and regular halter classes in that Color Group.
  • First and second place winners in NSB and regular halter classes shall advance to the Color Championship in each Color Group providing that minimum numbers of ten   Huacayas and eight Suris are met. All rules for Color Championships and Judge’s Choice (Chapter 17, Section 9) apply.
  • All Production classes (Group and Bred and Owned) shall not be split into NSB and regular halter.
  • Recommended show format:  Alternate between regular halter classes and DSB classes.
  • Ribbons and banners for NSB classes shall have a tag added designating NSB.

Novice Class Requirements