2018 Southern Alpaca Celebration

Halter General Guidelines

Show:  Southern Alpaca Celebration February 16, 17, and 18, 2018

Early check-in:  February 14 – 6 PM to 9 PM

Regular check-in :   February 15 – 10 AM to  5 PM

If late — please contact Check-in Manager @ 704-242-4483 or Event Coordinator @ 704-451-6256


Cabarrus Arena and Events Center 4751 NC Hwy 49, North Concord, North Carolina (near Charlotte). If using GPS another address to use is 4551 Old Airport Road, Concord, North Carolina 28025.

General Sponsors:  Carolina Alpaca Breeders and Owners (CABO) & Southeastern Alpaca Asscociation (SeAA)


Emergency Contact at the show:   Shannon Bulger 704-920-3987

Event Coordinator: Tom Wilson 704-451-6256; Email:  twilsonsac2018@gmail.com

Barn Manager: Mike Walsh   704-996-4237:    Email: GoodKarmaRanch@gmail.com

Vet Check-in/Outside Check-in Managers: Ron & Pam Rutherford 704-242-4483  (business & cell); Email: ronnpam@windstream.net

Sponsor Manager/Concierge: Lisa Weir, 267-218-2115: email: Rockytopsuriranch@gmail.com

Vendor Coordinator: Char Johnson 614-565-0677(cell); Email: happytailsalpacafarm@yahoo.com

Show Superintendents

Halter: Sue Ives  804-503-3558 ; 540-518-9084 (fax); Email: show.super.ives@gmail.com

Fleece and Fiber Arts:: Mary Martinez-Rigo 703-216-1479; Email: (show.super.MaryMartinezRigo@gmail.com)

Spin-Off: Patty Fuller  540-953-0439; 540-953-1892 (fax); Email: fuller@poplarhill.com

Walking Fleece: Judy Schroeder  540-797-1985; Email: show.super.schroeder@gmail.com  


Halter:   Amanda Vandenbosch– Huacaya and Suri Males, Co-Judge Huacaya Production and Huacaya Judges Choice
Diana Timmerman– Huacaya and Suri Females, Co-Judge Huacaya Production and Huacaya Judges Choice

Fleece & Cottage Fleece:   Wini Lebrecque/Diana Timmerman

Walking Fleece:   Judy Keske/Amanda Vandenbosch

Fiber Arts:   Ruth Hutton

Spin-off:  TBA

Expected Level Show: Halter: Level IV, Fleece: Level II

General Information


Early Exhibitor Check-in: Wednesday, February 14, 6 PM to 9 PM

Regular Exhibitor Check-in: Thursday, February 15, 10 AM until 5 PM

Vendor Check-In: Thursday, February 15, 9 AM until 6 PM

Any color compliance disputes must be settled by on Thursday, February 15th between 6 PM and 7 PM.
(Judges will be available for review and decision.)

Check-out:  Sunday, February 18 at 5:00 PM

Please refrain from dismantling displays until after 2:00 PM.

All Entries (Spin-off, Fleece, Fiber Arts and Photo) must be picked up by 2 pm on Sunday, February 18.

RV Hook-ups:

Available on the grounds for $30 per night – Pre-registration required. Links for information and registration.

Mandatory Exhibitor Meeting:  Friday, 8:00 AM in the arena stands

Governing Rules:

AOA Certified Show – all rules or amended rules of the 2018 AOA Show Handbook apply.


Stalls:       Indoors, under same roof as arena

All stalls are 10′ x 10′, except for twelve 8′ x 8′ stalls along some walls (to be assigned last, limit 2 alpacas) and 10′ x 8′ stalls in the arena. Three alpacas per 10′ x 10′ or 10′ x 8′ stall, or if all are juveniles, four alpacas can occupy a stall.

Assigned on first come first serve basis, based on the receipt of registration payment date. All documents must be received by the Show Superintendent by January 31, 2018. Digital (emailed or faxed) documents are preferred.  To receive preferred stalling, sponsorship fees must be paid by January 31, 2018.

If you require stalls adjacent to other farms because of sharing space, please indicate on the registration form, and we will honor your requests based on availability. Stall space is limited to 322 stalls. No registrations will be accepted after stall reservations are filled unless stalling with a farm already registered.

Stall Bedding and Fees:

$195 for non-CABO farm members; $175 for CABO and SEAA farm members.

The stall fee includes electricity, and clean up. The floors are concrete. SAC will provide 2 bags of large shredded cardboard bedding. If you need additional bedding we will have it for sale. We recommend that you also use a stall mat under the cardboard. If you don’t have mats, we have made arrangements for you to pre-purchase at $45 and pick them up from Light Livestock upon your arrival. They will also be available on site for $45.

Farm Displays:    Only one display stall per farm in the stalling area.

Registration and Fees

Registrations will only be accepted online. Online registrations will be considered final only after all documents have been received by the Show Superintendent. Stall assignments and entry fees will be determined based on date of online registration and receipt of payment.

*** Forms Required ***

  1.  CAC-2018_Exhibitor Disclosure
  1. Copy of ARI Certificate
  2. Owner of Record for Show Entry form signed by Owner, if ARI is not in Exhibitor’s Name
  3. Mandatory Exhibitor’s Disclosure– Owner & Co-owner(s) both must submit if both are to be listed in the show records.
  4. Registration Form (online-send copy)

All alpacas entered in, and present at, the show must be registered with The Alpaca Registry (ARI). No pending papers will be accepted. Alpacas must be registered in the name of the owner as listed on the ARI Certificate or the exhibitor must provide an Owner of Record for Show Entry form signed by the owner that is listed on the Certificate.


Halter; Bred & Owned;   Male & Female (only one each gender and type; cannot show in halter) Optional – includes Get of Sire, Produce of Dam, and Breeders Best Three (one entry each type – male & female may be mixed).  These animals may be shown in Walking fleece with additional registration in those classes.

Get of Sire and Produce of Dam:  Since exhibitors may not know who the other exhibitors are until arrival, entry deadline for these classes is immediately after the completion of halter classes. You will need the Sire and/or Dam’s ARI Certificate to enter them in these classes. The “get” must be from three different dams; the “produce” both may be out of the same sire.

Walking Fleece:  Friday judging only, classes will be shown and judged by color class as indicated by the fleece show criteria.  See Walking Fleece Guidelines on the menu for more detail.  Animals can be shown in both halter and walking fleece.

Entry Fees:

All fees are per alpaca and include all classes for which that alpaca is eligible.

All fees include the $6 AOA Show Division Fee

$46  Halter Entry fee per alpaca – Early Registration from October 23, 2017 through January 15, 2018

$56 Halter Entry fee per alpaca – Regular Registration from January 16 through January 31, 2018 (DEADLINE)

$40 Walking Fleece fee per alpaca–Pre registration October 23, 2017 through January 31, 2018.  You may be able to register on site if you feel the need to get some additional feedback on your animals.

$80 Additional AOA non-member fee if not a member of the AOA Show System

Fiber Arts Entry Fees:

$12 Entry Fee per item for all Fiber Arts divisions (includes $3 AOA Recording fee)

$12 Entry Fee per item in Hand-spun skein division (includes $3 AOA Recording fee) Special – Enter 3 items and get 1 FREE

$12 Entry Fee per item in Mill-spun skein division (includes $3 AOA Recording fee) Special – Enter 3 items and get 1 FREE

Fleece Entry Fees*:

$38 Entry Fee per fleece (includes $6 AOA Recording fee) Special – Enter 3 fleeces and get 1 FREE

*Fleece Mail Back fees:   Prepaid Label N/C, please include USPS or Fedex return labels.**

** If you are having your fleeces sent to the next Alpaca Show,  contact the Fleece superintendent to make arrangements for those to be transported either by the superintendent or include a label for shipment to that show.  The same goes if you’re having your fleeces coming from Autumn Fiber Fest or any other show.

Spin-off Entry Fees:

$31 Entry Fee per 2oz. entry (includes $6 AOA Recording fee). Registration is from October 23, 2017 to January 2, 2017.  All Spin-off entries must  arrive by January 5th. Special – Enter 3 items and get 1 FREE

Spin-off Mail Back Fees:  Please include USPS or Fedex return labels.

Cottage Fleece Competition Entry Fee**:

$20 Entry Fee (includes $6 AOA Recording fee). Registration is from October 23, 2017 to January 31, 2018. Note: Spin-off entries for the 2018 Carolina Alpaca Celebration are required in order to participate in the Cottage Fleece Competition.

***Cottage Fleece Mail Back Fees :   Prepaid Label N/C, please include USPS or Fedex return labels.  Otherwise you will need to pick these up by 2:00 PM on Sunday of the show.

Vendor Space:

All vendors will be located in a designated area in the barn.  Spaces are 10’x10’. Curtains will be provided between spaces. Space fee includes electrical hookup (if requested), 1 skirted 8’ table, & 2 chairs.

Vendor Fees:

Regular Registration is October 23, 2017 thru January 31, 2018 (deadline) – $225 one space, $400 two spaces, $575 for 3 spaces, $750 for 4 spaces, $925 for 5 spaces.


Cancellations must be made prior to February 5, 2018 and will be subjected to a $35.00 per alpaca processing fee. Refunds will be processed after the Southern  Alpaca Celebration. Registrations are non-transferable and no substitutions are allowed. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made on or after February 5, 2018 or for “No Shows.” CABO and SEAA assume no liability for farm or family emergencies, flight cancellations, weather related cancellation or other travel emergencies on refunds.

After February 5, 2018, all refunds of entry fee(s) will only be allowed if a veterinarian’s certificate of illness, injury, or death is presented to the show superintendent by 8:00 PM on or before Friday, February 10, 2018.  No refunds/cancellations of stall space after February 5, 2018.

Health Requirements

New  2017 AOA show rules require that the CVI note the location of the microchip 

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be familiar with the state regulations for movement of livestock. All exhibitors will be required to show the following on arrival, before unloading:

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) (Health Certificate) dated within 30 days of the last day of the show signed by accredited veterinarian, including alpaca’s name, microchip number and location, and negative BVDV results via a PCR test.

NC is a Brucellosis and TB free state. Animals from non-free states required a negative TB test within 30 days of the show and a negative brucellosis test within 60 days of the show. Animals from TB and Brucellosis free states must have that fact written on the signed certificate.

All alpacas entered in or present at the show must be tested and be negative PCR (or VI prior to 1/1/10) for BVDV. One test in the lifetime of the alpaca is sufficient to ensure that it is not a Persistently Infected (PI) alpaca. BVD test results are to be reported on the CVIs as “negative” or virus “not detected”. The date of the test, methodology (PCR) and the initials of the lab that performed the test must be listed on the CVI. IF your veterinarian objects to reporting test results because he/she was not the one who drew the blood and had the test done through a lab of his/her choosing (such as ARI BVDV testing with the owner drawing the blood and submitting) there is a form available through the AOA Show System that can be filled out and signed by the vet which attests to the vet not having had a part in obtaining the blood or having it tested.

All alpacas must be microchipped with microchip number on CVI. To expedite check-in, please find microchip location and have your vet check number before leaving home. If microchip can not be found, please insert microchip or have your vet do it prior to coming to the show. We will not provide micro-chipping service at check in.

The Southen Alpaca Celebration is providing additional bio-security procedures at check-in, which will include a special foot bath and handling procedures for volunteers, owners, and vets entering trailers to reduce the risk of any adverse health issues for your alpacas.