2020 Handcrafter’s Spin-Off Entry Guidelines

Entry Deadline: On-line registration ends on December 30th at midnight.

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Show Date: Results displayed at the February 14-15, 2020 CAC Show.

Class Divisions: Classes are to be divided according to the number of entries that determine Fleece Show Levels and Class division rules as follows: 1) First by Breed Type. 2) Second by the age of alpaca at time of shearing. 3) Third by color group. 4) Fourth by color designation. The Spin-Off coordinator will make the final determination of class divisions and entry colors.

Entry Limitation: Entries are limited to three samples per farm/owner/partnership, per breed type, per age division at time of shearing, per color designation.

Age Divisions:

A: 6-12 months                                        D: 3rd Birthday – 60 months

B: 1st Birthday – 24 months                 E: 5th Birthday and older

C: 2nd Birthday – 36 months

Entry Requirements:

1. Completed Entry Form

2. Minimum 2 ounces of prime blanket fiber (see note on Submitted Fiber below)

3. Completed Spin-Off Entry Tag

4. Copy of the original ARI Registration and Owner of Record for Show Entry Form (if applicable)

5. A color photo no larger than 4” x 6” of alpaca producing the fiber entered. Larger photos will not be accepted. Entries must be entered by current owner, farm or member of partnership as shown on ARI Registration Certificate or Owner of Record for Show Entry Form (if applicable) and must accompany exhibitor’s entry signed by current owner of record of the alpaca as shown on the ARI Registration Certificate. Please do not fold ARI Registration Certificate or photo because these will be displayed with the judged fleece sample.

Fiber Shearing Dates: Entries shall not be shown beyond 380 days of shearing date.

Submitted Fiber: 2 ounces of prime blanket fiber must be submitted in a clear, unmarked, plain, gallon size zipper type plastic bag with the completed Handcrafter’s Spin-Off entry tag placed inside the bag with the fiber. Please DO NOT write on the zip-loc bag. Fiber shall not be carded, combed, washed or otherwise enhanced; however, it should be handpicked to remove debris and vegetable matter. Fiber with vegetable matter, contamination, or second cuts may be marked down accordingly.

Anonymity: Fiber will be judged by entry number only, with no exhibitor information visible or available to the judge(s).

Staple Length: Fiber must be at least 3” long. Fiber samples of less than the 3” minimum or longer than the show rules allow shall be disqualified. The reason for disqualification shall be recorded on the score card and the Judge’s Worksheet.

Judging Criteria: Judges will card and spin an equal portion of the fiber from each sample entered. Scoring will be based on first impression, staple length, cleanliness, lack of second cuts, lack of guard hair or medullated fiber, lock structure in suris, and crimp, staple or architecture in huacayas, uniformity, fineness, handle, luster (suris) or brightness (huacayas), ease of spinning, ease of preparation and hand feel and softness of resulting yarn, plus loft in huacayas.

Disqualification: Fiber that is unsound, felted, contains tender breaks, mats, or excessive debris will be discounted appropriately but will NOT be disqualified. However, fiber samples exhibiting parasitic infestation or fiber not meeting the 3” minimum or exceeding the maximum staple lengths will be disqualified. The reason for disqualification shall be recorded on the score card and the Judge’s worksheet. Points will be deducted for failure to submit at least 2 ounces of fiber for proper and adequate sampling and judging. Entries less than 2 oz will have 1 point deducted for each 1/10 oz under 2 oz. If entry is too small a quantity for the judge to adequately evaluate all judging criteria, entry may be disqualified at the Judge’s discretion.

Entries exceeding 4 oz will have 1 point deducted for each 1/10 oz over 4 oz submitted.

Entry Returns: You must include $10 for every 5 entries you wish to have returned to you. Entries and awards will be shipped back to you following the CAROLINA ALPACA CELEBRATION. You or your representative that you have designated on the entry tag may also pick up the spin off entries after 1:00 pm on Sunday.

Questions: Please address any questions to Patty Fuller, Spinoff Administrator, 540-953-0439 or fuller@poplarhill.com

Please mail Entry Form (include Copy of ARI Registration(s), Fiber Sample(s), and Photo(s)) to:

Patty Fuller
2621 Mt. Tabor Road
Blacksburg, VA 24060